About Us

Kickstarted provides a unique marketplace for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for a platform to promote and sell their merchandise. By creating this opportunity for creative and successful projects, we make a unique space for quality and desirable merchandise. We have created an app and user-friendly site to make the buying and selling experience simple and convenient for you. Through kickstarted there are six different points of contact to purchase your merchandise:

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This is a great opportunity for unique business relationships between buyers and sellers. These six points of contact make it easy and convenient to contact buyers about their merchandise and gives more control to buyers over their sales. This a great new experience that will allow buyers to sell more merchandise through excited impulse buys. Kickstarted is easy to use, secure, and supports creative ingenuity. We are constantly striving to improve our site and app, our merchandise, and create great opportunities for creative sellers to bring their amazing products to great buyers.