We’re real. We love Instagram. We’re here to help.

A Little About Us

We are your best Instagram marketing source for reaching real and relevant Instagram users in order to build and enhance your brand’s image.

There’s more to reaching people in the world of Instagram than just sheer numbers of followers. We make sure to do things the right way, targeting the right keywords, people, and hashtags to ensure that your marketing efforts are successful. While most marketing services focus on numbers, they also tend to sacrifice and neglect your brand image by coming off too needy. Not us.

When you choose Kickstarted to manage your account, we’ll ensure that you reach an additional 60,000 Instagram users every month. Remember, those are real and relevant users.

Our service will pay for itself in just a few individual conversions, and at the same time you’ll be generating brand awareness and value at a level much higher than you are now.

What Makes Us Different? Well…

Unlike other methods of the past we don’t just offer technology hacks to automate everything. This is a managed service where your account is handled by a team of Instagram experts.

With a strategy in place for your content alongside our technology, we can ensure your Instagram will grow. We work with individuals to large brands & have grown accounts from 0 to 5000 to 20,000, even upwards of 100,000  targeted & valuable followers. 

And that’s is just the beginning! By the way, NO CONTRACTS! We are a results driven business & you are welcome to stay with us as long as you like. 

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