Frequently Asked Questions

Will I See An Increase In People I Follow?

Yes you will see an increase in the people you Follow (i.e., your Following will increase) but it will decrease over time.

Will Kickstarted Post Or Create Content For My Account?

Kickstarted will not post, create, modify any of your content unless stated in the package purchased. You are responsible for your own content creation and management.

Will Kickstarted Interact With My Audience?

Kickstarted will not comment and engage with your existing fans. We will only engage users that are not your fans.

Are These Real People Following Me?

Yes the people we interact with and who follow you are real Instagram users who can potentially become your customers.

These People Are Not My Target Audience! Help!

If you find that you are engaging people who are not in your target market or are posting inappropriate content on your home feed, please email us immediately and we will adjust our algorithms to not follow unwanted fans. Take screenshots and record usernames so we can identify the problem accounts. Please unfollow them on your feed.

How Do I Know You Will Keep My Password Safe Or Change It?

We have a strict Privacy Policy that ensure that we do not share or modify your Instagram password. We will only access your account to follow, like, and comment on other users.

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